Companies That Are Going To Make The World a Better Place in 2017


2016 in a nutshell...
2016 in a nutshell…

As we celebrate the New Year, let’s not forget the year that was, especially the corporate mindset turn-around witnessed in 2016. Elon Musk’s SpaceX Corporation lead the pack in 2016 being the first company of its kind to seek commercially tangible space travel solution. Musk, the serial entrepreneur, hit it big with the Internet crowd after launching the company, and he’s now won everyone’s heart owing to his relentless quest to help human kind colonize Mars.

Musk invested more than $100 million of his own money in the private company with the sole aim of building the first inexpensive and reusable spacecraft. His efforts were rewarded back in 2010 when the company successfully launched its first rocket, the Falcon 9, into orbit. Following successful launch after launch, SpaceX is destined to get humans to Mars as early as 2024.

We’ll Be a Space Fairing Civilization

In his speech, Musk detailed his desire to make the human race an interplanetary species within our lifetime. Going to Mars would save the human race from countless disaster scenarios. Currently, we are overcrowding our planet, and the risk of an extinction event gets higher every day we live on earth. It is absolutely heart-warming to see a private corporation genuinely care about the future of our species and offer a tangible solution, with no ulterior motive.

It seems Elon Musk’s philanthropy rubbed off on other corporations as well.

Apple Goes Green

In mid-2016, Apple, the giant Smartphone manufacturer, acquired rights in the U.S to sell its surplus energy.  The company established an energy company, Apple Energy LLC, in July 2016 for purposes of harvesting solar energy. That makes a lot of sense because 93% of Apple’s global energy requirements are met by renewable energy sources. In 2017, Apple hopes to influence energy price cuts in areas it supplies its renewable energy.


Intel has long been an advocate for water conservation. The computer chip maker launched its bid to conserve the world’s water supply back in 2008 and has since invested more than $200 million in the program. The world faces a serious clean water supply shortage. Less than 10% of the world’s water is suitable for drinking. That means we should conserve the little drinking water we have left with Intel at the forefront for the fight of clean drinking water, investing millions in research as well as lending some of its tech towards the realization of the noble goal. Moving on to 2017, the company hopes to help countries in Africa rehabilitate their water supplies so that residents can get clean drinking water.

Say what you will about the dumpster fire that may have been 2016, but at the very least, some good things have come out of it that may propel us into a better 2017!