What Tai Lopez’ 67 Steps Did for Me

Spoiler alert: If you think its going to make you a millionaire, you’re wrong and you shouldn’t even bother.

Late one sleepless night, I was doing the usual “binge watch Youtube endlessly thing” (I think I started from a simple SNL skit to something along the lines of How We Are Descended from Aliens) when I saw one of the infamous ads:

It opened up with Tai in his backyard during what looked like the early hours of the morning. His appearance wasn’t that impressive, or polished to say the least and so it caught me off guard. Where I am used to seeing someone polished with make up, perfect lighting, and standing in front of what is most likely a green screen, Tai’s having looked like he just woke up from a long night of partying had me intrigued. I kept asking myself: “am I supposed to know this guy?”

Within seconds I was hooked and more intrigued on the tour of his house and that I, like he, could go from living on the couch with $40 sum odd bucks in my account (though I was in a far, far better position thank the gods) to living in that mansion. As the tour continued, I kept envisioning myself in a mansion like that. The parties I’d have, the gym that’d I’d build and have 24 hour access to, a private movie theater, the rooms I could shut away in – all of the tools to have everything I’d need and want to optimize my life. Most importantly, the freedom. How nice must that be? Yet, there was something else that I took away from this video ad, and that was what it most be like to be up so early in the morning and filming. The house itself had a very peaceful “calm before the storm” feel to it. As if, within a few more hours it’d be full of entrepreneurs, business meetings, people, and whatever Tai would do in such a place. I can’t quite place why I appreciated the feel as much as I did, but I watched the entire video and wanted to know and see more.

When I got to the sales pitch of the 67 Steps, the magic of the ad didn’t quite wear off as I had expected it to and as it normally does when someone else is reaching for my wallet. In fact, I was surprised that Tai was still providing actual value, that was free. I didn’t watch the entire presentation with the 3 Ways to Move Up the Pyramid of Wealth as I was pretty much sold at that point. With some pretty beneficial emails and a discount, I purchased the 67 Steps and was ready to start making millions.

I last five, maybe six days.

I can make all of the excuses for this, but I won’t because at the end of the day, that’s all they are. What I can do however is simply state that I wasn’t ready to take on such a commitment and while I knew that is what Tai was stating you’d absolutely need to begin with, I learned quickly that I didn’t want change that badly. Instead, I was content with the change that life was creating for me. I didn’t mind being a passenger.

I didn’t blame or fault Tai for my inability to complete the program, nor did I feel betrayed or ripped off. I didn’t live up to my end of the deal, and so I parted with the 67 Steps, at least mentally for the time being (I still received his emails, words of advice still rung in my head, and, I was still part of the Facebook Group) as I knew I’d come back when I was “ready.”

Fast forward to Fall of 2017 (I initially started in June of 2016) and amidst a few accomplishments that I am very proud of, I got fed up with allowing life to happen to me. I was tired of being in the backseat, or even the passenger side, driving by all of my ideas, ambitions and extra things I want to create and impart on this world before I exit forever. I couldn’t explain this frustration entirely, but I knew I needed something to help identify what was causing and something to coach me through it. I already consider myself a very accountable, disciplined and pensive individual, but yet, here I was, still stuck. It wasn’t until I remembered the 67 Steps Facebook Group that would occasionally ping a notification about some new soul getting ready to #hustle that I thought “maybe the answer has been sitting in my inbox all along, and maybe I am ready for that answer.”

I posted something on the 67 Steps, and as I waited for responses (mostly, seeing if it would get approved or not) another member mentioned that she had completed it and was looking to join with others as a means to hold each other accountable for another run through. I cannot even say enough how perfect the timing was for this. Had I not woken up early to go to the gym that morning, to do whatever routine I did that had me ending up checking my notifications in the car, I’d have missed this great opportunity.

Gods be good, I bit.

We created a private facebook group, agreed on what would happen if we didn’t post our assigned writing that day and we began.

Immediately I started re-seeing the value of the first 5 or 6 steps that I had taken part of and wondered why in the hell did I not complete these last year? The group was super supportive and because I didn’t want to let them down, I persisted without question. My only question in fact, being how could I accomplish these steps during drill (for the National Guard).

I’ll admit that a few entries came late, some were rushed, but I hit every single one of them.

I got into the habit of coming home and hitting the gym (sometimes for the second time that day) just so I could get the blood flowing again and get listening to the lesson that day and sure enough, habits inspired and created new ones and my life, well, say the “extra curricular” components of it, started taking shape. I not only started pursuing certain projects, but started acting on them and pushing them forward. I started setting goals that were achievable and made it so that if I did anything at all that day, aside from work and work out, I contributed to my own personal growth in some way.

For me, this wasn’t life changing so much as it was life directing. As mentioned, I am already a very well disciplined individual…when I want to be, and whether or not I want to be depends incredibly on focus, and that is what I gathered most from the 67 Steps.

If I were to list out every benefit, I’d need a series of blog entries, but since I am already sailing passed 1000 words for this one, I’ll just leave the following break down:

The 67 Steps gave me:

  • The realization that I can commit to something for 67 Days. Some people cannot even commit to something for a month, myself included. Where there was once at least a completely wasted hour every evening, I now have to find something of personal growth to fill the Tai Lopez void that is now there. I must reiterate, its not a luxury, or a choice, I HAVE TO HAVE SOMETHING THERE now.
  • The ability to focus on myself. Sometimes the questions felt redundant and it wasn’t until I realized that they were redundant because I hadn’t made movement towards change in many of them. By repeating certain themes, you get reminded of the things you’ve done, but also the things you didn’t do. This constant inward focus has pushed me very far in my private endeavors.
  • Creative energy. That sensation I felt at the start of Tai’s backyard ad ties in with this. I feel like I can create anything and make anything happen. And yes, things will not go well, and I will fail, probably miserably, but the energy to keep pushing forward is an often suppressed resource that I know the 67 Steps has reinforced and generated in abundance. And so, I will persist, despite failures and shortcomings. Realizing that the successful people I look to now and want to be like all started somewhere, all had failures, all had missteps and we’re only now seeing them at the apex of their personal struggles, makes me almost welcome the failures and the hardship. They’re all learning opportunities.

I don’t know who I would have been now, had I completed these steps back then, but it doesn’t matter. The simple fact of the matter was, when I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t ready, but when I finally was, the 67 Steps were there to guide me along the way, and for whatever possessed me to watch whatever video to get that ad that one night a year and some change ago, I am truly grateful.

I plan on doing this again, sometime in the later portion of Winter, early Spring, to ensure that the change and wrote on and on about in my journals continues…I might even be more open on the website (I didn’t really fill out the text boxes), but I will absolutely do it with others again. The accountability component is huge and if you’re reading this thinking of giving it a go, I cannot recommend doing this with a friend you trust (or a complete stranger that you have no problem divulging your inner desires to, which is sometimes easier) enough.

Kudos to Tai and the 67 Step team. There is a ton of crap out there that preys on the weak and desperate and this, is absolutely not one of them.

DISCLAIMER: No, I am not getting paid or anything for this. I just want to help set the very real expectation that with the 67 Steps, along with just about every entrepreneurial content or course offering out there, you’re only going to succeed if you want to. If you’re expecting an overnight miracle, play the lottery. If you’re capable of being accountable, disciplined and willing to work to make change happen, then this might be for you. I CANNOT STAND people that bash good content producers out there for their own shortsighted failures.

DISCLAIMER PART II: Yes, I too thought Tai Lopez was just full of hot air. Lol. If people hate on him, its because they suck and need to focus on their own lives.